Waterfall Lodge by the lake

Living Room Double Bed
Living Room Double Bed

Waterfall Lodge Accommodations

The Two Big Villas

Built directly on the lakeside with a fantastic view from a private verandah. Each villa has a separate bedroom with twin beds or bunk beds, a spacious living room with a double bed, a kitchenette with fridge and a large private bathroom with toilet, shower and bathtub. Both the living room and bedroom are fitted with air condition/heating.

Three/Two Sleeper Villas

All villas have a partial lake view and views of the cliffs from their verandahs. They all have twin beds with enough space for a third childbed if needed. Air condition, a TV, a fridge and of course a spacious bathroom with toilet and shower. All villas are fitted with air-condition and heating.

Waterfall Lodge Villa Interior
waterfall Lodge Villa interior

Long Term Rental

Please read about long term rental of the villas here!

A Lapa Roof Covered Outdoor Kitchen & Grill

Gives all our guests the option to organize a private BBQ to their liking.

The Tented Camp

Hidden in the thick bush on a beautiful spot in the midst of our hunting grounds we have a rustic but fully equipped tented camp with four tents. Each tent equipped with two field beds. The camp has a small kitchenette, a toilet and running water.